19 March 2012

15 Random Photos for Swap Bot

Here is 15 Photos from me for swap at Swap bot.
I love photographing!!!! And this was a hard job for me to choose only 15 photos, they are all from different years
1 My little princess at local park last Autumn
2 My princess took photo of me and my hubby

3 Eiffel Tower last Summer
4 Not so yammie macaroons at Paris store
5 My sweetheart at Eskibel near Hondarribia, Spain. Here you can see Hondaribbia, Spain and Hendaya, France
6 Beautiful couple at Eskibel. They did stay like this for long time :)
7 One of the many Universities  at Oxford, England
8 London EYE
9 Golden gates at Jerusalem, Israel
10 I love beautiful flowers!!! Rose
11 Apricot tree flower
12 Bumble bee
13 Barbaris
14 Puppies field
15 Last snow on the field
Hope you enjoy!!!!

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