9 December 2012

Princess Party

I finally did it! I have a dream to make a Princess Party for my girl.
Her birthday was in October 18, but I was far away from her and was not able to celebrate with her.
It was a wonderful day! There was only 2 kids instead of 4 but this does not upset the birthday girl.
The scenario was simple: make a bracelet, play games, decorate cookies and cupcakes, eat cake and a lot of sweets.
Just in time my husband finished castle loft bed in the bedroom. We decorated the bedroom and the living room. I baked and decorated cookies-crowns, cupcakes and cake. Bought a lot of pink and white sweets.
My sweet little princess
Ready to Party!
Making bracelets
Decorating cookies and cupcakes
this is so FUN!
Making bubbles
Castle for my Princess


  1. вот для этих фоток и нужна чайная коллекция бумаги ))))

  2. :) Для этих фотографий у меня припасена другая бумага, тоже очень старенькая коллекция http://www.beautifulpapercrafts.co.uk/baby-themes-c131/imaginisce-enchanted-collection-make-a-wish-cardstock-die-cuts-p864, жаль что к этой бумаге у меня есть только штампики http://img1.etsystatic.com/000/0/5946038/il_fullxfull.328135913.jpg
    Зато принцессная :)



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