30 June 2015

Introducing myself

Hello internet world!
It is a time to remind you about me!
I'm Svetlana(or Svitlana), I'm 35 years old.

 I have a hubby and 2 little girls: Anastasiya-Stefaniya(7 years old) and Maria-Elizaveta(14 month)
I am from Ukraine and live in St Albert, Alberta, Canada for 2 years. 
I love to craft, to cook and to take pictures of everything!
I could do almost everything: knit, crochet, draw, paint, sew, cross stitch, bead work, scrapbook, book binding, bake and many more, really!!! name it!!! If I can do it now I'll learn it!

And this is why I started my blog long time ago, to share my love for hand made items!
But life goes and my passions changes every time I saw something new.
When Instagram(@wanttocraft) came into my life I forgot about my blog
But now I have a little time to make sure it has life! 
And I need help from you to encourage me to post to my blog

This blog will not be all about scrapbook anymore 
but about beautiful Canada,

 about cooking with 2 kids with no time at all,

 about crafts, my girls and I'm pretty sure I will have a lots of beautiful hand made staff for your babies and kids

Yours, Svetlana

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful post!! Thanks for sharing. What a lovely picture of you!!



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