30 June 2015

My passion

Now I will tell you about my passion
I love LOVE to make everything!!!

I love LOVE to share it with everyone and see their happy faces!!!

I love to make things, to share with people so they could give it too!!

I love to make cards, mini albums and notebooks so everyone could have a little part of me and keep it for a long time!

I love to cook and bake and love to share it with people I love! I really would like to have a Bakery :)

I love to make pretty little things for my girls and some to share with other girls to make them even prettier 

I love to take pictures and share it so everyone could see a little bit of my life and world around me!!

But the BIGGEST passion is my GIRLS!!! I don't like to see them growing so quickly but this is the life and I enjoy it with them! 

And this is my PASSION!!


  1. Crafts are something I'm definitely playing around with more :) I'll have to check in on your blog for more tips :)



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